H2A builds meaningful and sustained relationships among the world’s most senior leaders.


We specialize in serving professional service firms (PSFs) and B2B companies.

Our record of results delivering distinctive capability building platforms for senior-level decision makers is extensive and far-reaching.


Brock Anderson
Brock AndersonPrincipal
Brock is the former Practice Operations Leader for McKinsey & Company’s Strategy and Corporate Finance practice where he developed a wide range of initiatives to build McKinsey’s reputation including the global Strategy Roundtable community involving thousands of executives across 35 cities in 20 countries. Brock advises senior leaders on strategy, growth, marketing and performance management and has an extensive operating background in communications, reputation building and HR.  Prior to McKinsey, he was SVP Talent, HR & Communications at The Sports Authority and member of its executive leadership team.

A long-time resident of Bozeman, MT, Brock can be found on the weekends with his family on the rivers, rocks and mountains across the Rocky Mountain west.


Mike Antonczyk
Mike AntonczykPrincipal

Mike is a lifelong entrepreneur and has served as a strategic level business development partner to a host of professional service and software firms including: Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, Oracle, SAP, and others. In addition to developing and executing comprehensive client acquisition strategies, Mike has assisted firms like 3M, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Ernst & Young, Financial Times, HSBC, Pfizer and Robert Half in research and publishing initiatives.

A native of Poland, Mike immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio in 1991. Since then, he has set roots in Bozeman, MT taking advantage of everything the Rocky Mountain West has to offer. In his spare time you will find him skiing, mountain biking, and getting lost in Montana’s vast wilderness.


Matt Hirschland, Ph.D.
Matt Hirschland, Ph.D.Principal

Matt is the former Global Communications Leader for McKinsey & Company’s Strategy Practice and the AD for Operations of McKinsey’s $300 million Knowledge (R&D) portfolio. He led all communications for the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), a member of its senior management team overseeing the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, USA. He is a strategic communications professional with more than 15 years experience specializing in public relations, branding, experiential learning and thought-leadership marketing – all in support of client acquisition strategies.

Matt has spent his life living in the West with stints in both Asia and Europe. He can often be found on the trail, in a tent or knee-deep in a stream chasing trout.


Leveraging approaches we have developed over decades at the world’s leading companies, we are builders of businesses, reputation shapers, thought leadership engineers and messengers connecting the right people and ideas in ways that secure results.


We are a specialized strategy-to-action firm specializing in helping our clients build new and powerful approached to client/customer engagement and communications.

H2A is the molecule responsible for building, connecting, repairing and sustaining human DNA. It is the essential ingredient for life and emblematic of the characteristics we see in leading organizations. 

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